Rain or shine…. Autumn family Fun

As you might already know, Autumn is my favourite time of year for photo-shoots.  The shortening days give such a warm, soft, beautiful light in the late afternoon.  All that gorgeous warm light mixes perfectly with the warm golds, browns and reds of the autumn leaves to create a stunning natural backdrop for a photo shoot.

throwing leaves emily bronte quote

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Haggath family on an autumn afternoon.  The rain had been pouring down all morning and on my drive over to meet them I was watching the sky with my fingers crossed. The weather looked to be clearing just in time…. phew!

As I approached their house, I saw beautiful light shining through the trees, casting long shadows and golden light everywhere.  I felt really excited and raring to go and capture some great images in this wonderful setting.  So without delay we pulled on our wellies, and headed off to start the shoot.

wellies and leaves copy

We began by playing in the autumn leaves. The children had fun walking through the deep piles of leaves and throwing handfuls up in the air like confetti. I enjoyed photographing them with my camera set to burst mode (which fires off the shutter again and again in quick succession), so I could put together action sequences like the one pictured at the top of this post.

hugs in the leaves

hugs with mum

Toddling about copy

Next we tested out the grip on our wellies as we climbed over a dry stone wall and scrambled across the forest floor to get some shots with the trees back-lit by the late afternoon sun.

in trees

Unfortunately as we emerged from the cover of the trees, the rain returned! Luckily it started off quite light so we took a scenic walk before returning to the house where the children warmed up with some hot chocolate and biscuits, before we continued with some more photographs indoors.


hot chocolate time copy

buiscuit time copy

sitting on box copy  2 photos by window

 If you are thinking of having a photo shoot but are worried about the great British weather, don’t put it off until the summer.  If the weather is truly awful on the day of your shoot, I will be happy to reschedule with you. Choosing an outdoor location near your home or another indoor location, is a good idea as then if the weather does suddenly change, we can always take shelter indoors.

Family photo shoots at this time of year are great for photographing in what photographers call “The Golden Hours” as the sun is at the perfect angle in the sky in the middle of the afternoon, usually after your children have had a nap and before they are getting hungry for their dinner, whereas in summer, the sun isn’t in such a great position until bedtime, when everyone is tired and not so keen to go on a photo shoot!

If you are interested in arranging a photo shoot for yourself and your family, get in touch through my contact page or Facebook.  We can have a chat about what you are looking for and book you a shoot.

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  • Rebecca HaggathNovember 21, 2013 - 7:54 pm

    Thank you so much for the photos Anna, they are AMAZING, so pleased with them. I was slightly worried due to the weather turning sour on us, that we wouldn’t have enough photos, but that most definitely wasn’t the case! This was our second photo shoot with Anna and i’m sure it won’t be the last!! Thank you again for capturing our little angels in the autumn 🙂ReplyCancel

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