New Baby Props

ALove in a basket couple of weeks ago, I decided to go on a little shopping expedition to buy some props to use when photographing babies.  I’d just watched an online course by Creative Live all about photographing babies and was very excited to have a go using a basket…. Such a great idea putting a wriggly baby in a basket! You get to keep them in one place long enough to photograph them.  Obviously there are safety issues involved so when I have been photographing children in my new basket, I have always had an adult right beside the basket to support the child in case they try to tip it, then I’ve just Photoshopped out any arms etc that ended up in the picture. Et Voilla…. here’s my first little model in the basket along with a couple of other lovely props I found. Keep a look out in my blog over the next few weeks as you’ll be able to play “spot the prop”.

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