Here are some common questions you may have. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please contact me.


Where will the photo shoot take place?

Most family photo shoots are arranged for outdoors, in natural light, and at a mutually agreeable location. I am open for your suggestions on the type of locations you like. For example old buildings, barns, open fields, disused railways, forests, parks etc…. please just let me know. Newborn baby photo-shoots take place in your home. I would come to your home, with all the equipment required such as backdrops, props, blankets etc. As well as photographing your baby, I can also include some at home lifestyle shots if you desire. All I need is a fairly large light window and some space in front of it (could be a living room by garden doors or a bed by a large window – I’ve even worked in people’s kitchens!) about 5 or 6ft square ideally, but I can work with a little less space too.

For locations outside a 15 mile radius of Uxbridge a small additional charge may be added.


What does the session fee include?

The fee includes my time, travel, experience, styling suggestions, use of my prop collection, my photographic equipment for the actual shoot, post production editing, a wall display design. Approximately two weeks after your session you will be shown a gallery of 20-30 edited images from which you can order printed products or purchase digital files.


How do you conduct the photo shoot?

The shoot takes approximately and hour and a half.  We normally begin with the family all together. I arrange a couple of poses and then get candid shots in between as I see the family interacting.  It all goes really fast and I try to make it very laid back and fun.

A shoot can typically include the following…

  • Just the children together
  • All the family together
  • Individual shots of family members
  • Mum and the children
  • Dad and the children
  • Mum and Dad
  • Don’t forget the pets….. as they’re part of the family, they can join in too!


What if my child won’t smile for the camera?

Don’t worry what the children are doing while I’m photographing them. Candid photos can turn out much better than completely posed images and tell a story about the subject.

The main aim is to make it fun for the children. So, make a fool of yourself and make them laugh and smile naturally. Don’t worry about me…. I’ll be looking through my camera lens. If a child doesn’t want to sit in a particular spot or be still, no problem, we move on.


When will we get to see our images?

It usually takes 2 weeks for me to edit your photographs.

Pippa Collage