Who’s Behind the camera?

A couple of weeks ago I met up with fellow photographer Fiona of Little Love Photography, who is based near Maidenhead.  We have become friends after meeting on a couple of photography workshops. As well as having a coffee and walk about the park with her son, we decided that we’d do a skills swap. We both brought along our cameras so we could update the photos we have of ourselves on our websites. The photo you have of yourself on your website is quite important as it helps potential clients get a feel for who you are. I guess you could say it’s a bit like a business card.  So we both wanted to represent ourselves with professional photos. Mine was about four years old and I’ve changed a lot over those four years so my photos definitely needed to be updated.

We have both photographed families at the location we met up in, so we found it interesting to see where within the park we would choose to pose each other.  For example Fiona’s favourite location was under a huge rhododendron tree in the formal gardens, whereas mine was under a tree in a big open meadow.

It was also an experience being in front of the camera. We both started off feeling a little nervous but once we’d had a little giggle, cracked some jokes and relaxed it was really fun.  It was a really valuable experience to be in front of the camera. I now know how my clients might be feeling and I know first hand how important it is for the photographer to chat, joke and interact with you while you are having your photos taken.

Afterwards it was also really interesting to see each others finished photos and how even though each of us were photographing in the same location at the same time and using similar poses, the images were interpreted differently.  I loved how our individual styles shone through so clearly in the editing of our images.

Here are some of the photographs I took of Fiona….

little love photography branding photosLittle Love Photography Maidenhead branding photosLittle Love Photography behind the camerabusiness branding photography uxbridgephotographer headshot little love photography





and here are a few of the photos she took of me…..




meet Anna Allan Photography

Meet Anna of Anna Allan Photography Uxbridge

business branding photosme behind the camerabehind the camera

Now I have the difficult task of deciding which ones to use on my website as I just can’t choose. Which ones do you like best?



You can see more of Fiona’s work at www.littlelovephotos.co.uk and read her blog about our day here.


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